Don't follow the crowd,
lead them to ............ Temptation!

Welcome to a devilishly tempting dance experience

Whether you are an experienced dancer or new to the exciting world of Modern Jive we have something to tempt you.

  • Fabulous Freestyles
  • Smooth Sunday Tea Dances
  • Special Themed Events
  • Lessons and Workshops by some of the biggest and respected names in Modern Jive
  • Fun classes and introductions to other dance forms and styles

Experienced dancers can take advantage of some of the UK's most respected and talented teachers. With master classes and lessons from experts in Modern Jive as well as other dance disciplines there is something for everyone.

For new dancers we offer classes that are small, friendly, interactive and above all fun.

Jive Temptation prides itself on ensuring that any dancer feels welcome and relaxed and they have the most enjoyable experience possible.

I can resist everything except Temptation
(Oscar Wilde)